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We find the best manufacturers in Turkey and help bring their goods to American markets.
Connecting the world through products that create memories.
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How we can help you

Warehousing & Fulfillment

We operate a warehouse in central North Carolina, located in Sanford and are in the process of purchasing a larger facility nearby. Our current warehouse offers 7,000 sq ft of warehouse space, and our new, larger facility will offer 20,000. Our professional staff people are fully equipped to receive, store, and ship your products throughout the United States.

Marketing & Analytics

We can help build your presence through many different streams of traffic, from your social media presence to the search engine optimization of your main storefront. We manage ad campaigns for clients in many different markets. In addition to designing ad creatives and landing pages we ensure that you are getting the most out of your ad spend by fully integrating Google Analytics into your marketing process.

E-Commerce Account Management

We assist international artisans and manufacturers who wish to open and operate E-Commerce accounts within the United States. We act as your agent to open and maintain accounts with Amazon, Etsy, and many others, as well as providing account management and advice. We also can offer financial accounting and tax services.

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